24. 02. 2013   00:00 Uhr

Sprachwoche Sidmouth



Day 1 & 2

We had a wonderful sunny (but windy) day today.
In the morning 6G, 6GR and their teachers went for a walk on the beach and seafront of Sidmouth. We enjoyed the sun, the waves and the wind to the fullest!! We really loved our morning walk - Michael took wonderful pictures of it, as you can see.






Day 3

Another sunny day in Sidmouth:  6G and 6GR were getting ready for school in the morning. After their individual interviews they were put into groups and then taught by three different teachers. Vocabulary work and speaking practice were on the agenda and to me as their teacher it looked like a lot of un.
During their breaks and also in the evening they can hang out at "The Old Exchange" - a room with a billiard and a fussball table. They can listen to music and tell each other about their day.

I think everybody is enjoying themselves!


Day 4

After the morning classes we went golfing. We were absolutely amazed by Lolo's golfing skills. On top of all that, George is a natural talent and will be offered to take part in the Olympics very soon.... After the exhausting golf-session we went on an absolutely terrific cliff walk. We have been soooo lucky with the weather so far - dry, sunny, and only little wind!

































Day 5

On Wednesday we went on our 1-day-excursion to the lovely city of Bath. There we visited the Roman Baths, the Fashion Museum and the amazing Bath Abbey. The food in Bath is apparently terrific (see picture) - so were the shops, as the students had the chance to find out later.


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