Come and visit Galaxy PIA-TWO-D!

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Come and visit Galaxy PIA-TWO-D!

Beitrag von Mag. Katrin Wolfram:

“Strange things from space” – that’s the title of a unit in our English book. After studying the texts and new words of this unit, we – class 2d –  started a project in our English class. It was about inventing and designing our own planets to create a new galaxy. In teams we described our planets – in English of course. Spectacular planets such as Pet world, Water-Jupiter, or Jueon ma Gag were created by us. Then we had to draw or paint our planets in Art class. As soon as we were ready, we scanned them and posted our texts and pictures on padlet. We are very proud of our galaxy and hope you will like it, too.

Enjoy reading about our planets:

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